Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kylie Cosmetics 'Heir' Metal Matte Review

Kylie Cosmetics 'Heir' Metal Matte review

I bought another product from Kylie Cosmetics... (a moment of silence for my purse). The product itself was very reasonably priced at $17, it was just the shipping that cost around $20, not bad for American companies, but still expensive.

It came like this:

And it came with a not from Kylie! (printed of course...)

The product itself did not let me down though, the packaging was sleek and felt high quality...

This is how it looked swatched on my hand:

This is how it looked on my lips:

I love this lipstick- so worth the money! It is a nice peachy shade with shimmer, which is perfect for summer. It has enough shimmer, and isn't too metallic, which may be a turn off for some people, but I don't like to look too 'out there' with my lip shades, and so its nice its a very wearable shade.
The formula seemed to have changed since I purchased Candy K, however, the wand on it has become more fluffy, and the formula is thicker and seems ore whipped.
Also this is not transfer-proof, and it doesn't really last as long as the normal mattes.
I also tend to use a lip liner underneath it, so it doesn't bleed.

Altogether- I really liked this, and will be wearing it all summer!


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