Thursday, 26 May 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette


I got this palette for my birthday and thought it was great especially for travel!

The packaging

The shades from a distance

The shades close up.
The packaging is really pretty and innovative. It does look like the eyeshadow palette, but the colours are switched around on the eyeshadow palette. The palette felt heavy and sturdy, and so it felt high-end. But there can be fallout in the palette, so if that is a pet peeve of yours then you may not like this as much, as some shades may even end up mixing... or the palette may be dirty from fallout.

This is the top row- L-R- Cherry, Easy, Angel 
The bottom row- L-R- Lo-fi,  Hush, OC

Some of the shades don't swatch well, but most of the shades did, especially considering that the swatches were without primer. O.C however doesn't show up on my skin.

I use this for bronzer and not for contour, but it could be used for contour. It is not that dark, but applies nicely to my skin, and blends out well.

Cherry(blush), and Angel(highlighter)
This is the blush and highlight, the blush is very nice, and blends out nicely, which is good because the blush is very pigmented, so use a light hand! It swatches with a bit of shimmer, but you can't see it on the cheeks. The highlight is gorgeous, and reminds me a bit of the Mary-loumaniser from the balm (don't quote me on that though!), but it is very flattering for my skin type.

Easy(blush)- eek clown cheeks soz.
This is the blush. It is very pigmented, so tap off any excess, and use a light hand, or you may end up with circles, or clown cheeks (like above...), however it is blendable, but if you don't tap off excess it may take longer to blend out. This blush is quite shimmery, but doesn't have big chunks of glitter. It reminds me a bit of Nars 'Orgasm' in the sense that it is shimmery and gives you a nice glow.

This is a pinky highlight, and it doesn't really suit my skintone, but it may suit more pink toned people. The formula was nice and it applied nicely, but its just not my colour.

The colour O.C was a miss for me, although I loved the name (any O.C fans out there?), it didn't show up on my skin at all on first swatch, unlike all the other shades, and took many attempts to get it to show up on my hand, never mind my face!

The formula was great as all the shades were soft and blendable, and pigmented. The shades felt buttery and felt light and nice on my skin.

I do actually like this palette, as I can take just this for blush, bronzer and highlight to travel with, and  I don't need to take anything else, but I do wish they would have spent more time on O.C, and made it more pigmented, as it looked like a lovely shade.


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